Dividing walls

Creating a reserved environment using one's creativity and making outdoor spaces more comfortable is even easier thanks to our dividing walls.

Holzhof’s dividers provide visual and wind protection, create shaded areas and define areas in gardens or simply outside. There are many alternatives to choose from: 45 ° or 90 ° gratings, visibility protection, boarded panels, all available in various sizes to adapt perfectly to any space and customizable with decorations such as arches, uprights with pyramids,  spheres, curvatures etc.

Our dividers are also ideal for decorating and closing pergolas or gazebos, as well as for fencing or defining open spaces, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and harmony with the surrounding environment.

All our models are built to perfection, in Nordic conifer wood impregnated under pressure in our vacuum autoclave, with anti-mold salts free of chromium.

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