Ideal for providing shaded areas, the pergolas allow you to create a relaxation zone in open spaces.

We enriched our product selection with a big number of available sizes, to allow you to find the most suitable solution for your purpose. For all of you who like coherent set-ups, we have good news as we dispose of numerous gratings, flowerpots and table and bench compositions, too. Thus, there are no more obstacles to your green haven.

There are two variations available: self-supporting or wall-mounted pergolas, both characterized by a light yet robust structure as a result to advanced construction techniques.

Our pergolas are classified as "structural use" planned and impregnated in conformity with the standards UNI EN 14081-1 (solid S10 - dry graded) and/or UNI EN 14080 (glulam GL24).

The structures do not include any coverage in terms of size. For covered structures please request a separate offer, providing the exact dimensions in advance.

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