Holzhof Srl acquires Cortec Design


Cortec Design is now a brand of urban furniture owned by Holzhof Srl

Cortec Design is now a brand of urban furniture owned by Holzhof Srl

After the acquisition in 2018 of the prestigious Modo brand with its urban design products and playground structures aimed at amplifying the sensory perception, as a result of passionate research and collaborations with important Italian architects and designers - Holzhof Srl continues to expand its range of street design products with modern and captivating solutions.

With the assimilation of new designs and products, the operation allowed us to expand the already existing wide range of urban design products immediately, with the introduction of over 100 new items for the furnishing of high-design outdoor spaces: benches, bollards, barriers, bike racks, baskets, flower boxes, displays, shelters, covers, fountains etc.

Cortec Design elements are shaped in metal, with functional and original shapes, transforming the simplest and most essential street accessories into real pieces of design.

Holzhof Srl is able to offer today a substantial range of products divided into 3 different categories: Holzhof games and furniture; Modo; Cortec Design.

Holzhof Srl is currently employing increasing resources in research and development of new technologies, in order to guarantee to the customers a complete service: our will is to be able to satisfy also personalized and customized "ad hoc" projects being ready to meet all the different needs of public administrations, architects, engineers, designers.

Cortec design Website and new products www.cortecdesign.it

For more information:

email info@holzhof.com

tel ++39  0461 601501

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