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As play manufacturer we don’t only offer courses about safety for children’s’ play areas according to the international standard UNI EN 1176, but we also attend trainings for our sector organized by other authorities at home and abroad. The last conference for example took place about two weeks ago in Munich. Play producers, members of different European standardization committees, architects, engineers and representatives of dome municipalities came together under the same roof to discuss the ration between safety and play value. Everybody agreed on one thing: the ideal play offer has to be a harmonious blend of the two aspects play value and safety restrictions. Usually adults tend to prefer safety at the expense of play with the result that children have a wonderful (and safe) playground at their disposal, which unhappily doesn’t stimulate their individual development. We definitely need safety, this is for sure, but we shouldn’t cut down on predictable risks in order to create play areas which remain interesting for more ages categories over a long period of time.

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