In 2022 Holzhof is getting greener


We have been present on the field of playgrounds equipment and street furniture since 1976. Respecting the environment has always been a fundamental value for us, and this is why we have decided to go green in all respects by the year 2022.

We believe that a sustainable company is a highly energy efficient company, respectful of nature and attentive to the well-being of people, inside and outside its business.

We invested consistently in research and innovation throughout the years – both in production processes and in product development. Today our production facilities are innovative, guaranteeing high precision and high performances.
We have adopted solutions and strategies that pursue the use of renewable energy, sustainable development and the reduction of consumption and waste, like the introduction of solar panels and modernizing our lighting systems.
An efficient use of energy, using low-impact raw materials and the recycling of our waste products and packaging are just some of the solutions we practice on a daily scale.
Holzhof’s target for 2022 is to drastically reduce the environmental impact of the product at all stages of its life cycle:
• production
• use
• recycling
• disposal
That’s why we select sustainable materials such as wood from FSC® certified forests (the main guarantee mechanism on the origin of wood) and PEFC as a brand of eco-sustainability.
Moreover, in 2021 Holzhof Srl has equipped itself with its own industrial equipment of thermo-wood treatment. Thermowood is a 100% natural material, produced with green processing methods (heat and steam) and therefore non-toxic, which can be disposed of ecologically at the end of its life cycle.
We use rotational molded recycled plastic and 100% recycled polyethylene to create our products and playground games.
Even aluminum, which we use more and more, is a highly recyclable material: almost a third of the aluminum consumed worldwide today is produced by recycling its waste.
Our products are also responding to CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) guidelines.
Objective of CAM is the encouragement of circular economy: a production and consumption model that involves sharing, lending, reusing, repairing, reconditioning and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible extending the life cycle of products and contributing to reduce waste to a minimum.
By choosing to become greener, Holzhof practices a more sustainable economy for the planet making daily, tangible and measurable choices, contributing to the implementation of an ecological and inclusive transition.

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