Holzhof has for years enthusiastically used polyethylene in the production of the majority of the components for its own play equipment, with outstanding results.

Its ease of working and the excellent characteristics that are typical of this material have allowed us to create a large number of shapes using rotational moulding, in particular for elements such as: slides, climbing footrests, roofs, parapets, ladders, spring-based play equipment, activity panels, complementary furnishings, etc.
The polyethylene used by Holzhof, produced using a rotational process, is subject to a deep colouration treatment so its colours will not fade. It is resistant to temperatures from -85°C to +90°C, has a high degree of resistance to UV rays and is 100% recyclable. Besides these fundamental characteristics, polyethylene is distinguished from other materials by its excellent resistance to wear, abrasion and shocks, its low friction coefficient and its minimal water absorption, as well as its excellent anti-adhesion properties and its low specific weight, which permits considerable savings to be made during the transport and assembly of products from which it is made.

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