Black Locust

The black locust is not only a beautiful ornamental tree with magnificent leaves, but is also well known for the extraordinary characteristics of its wood. In fact, while black locust wood is highly resistant to rot, it is also extremely flexible and solid. It is as robust and consistent as oak and other valuable wood materials. It does not need to be painted or impregnated in order to be used for applications such as the construction of outdoor children’s playground equipment (for which the wood’s characteristics are exploited to their greatest extent).

In addition to the vast possibilities in terms of creating wonderfully striking shapes, black locust wood also offers another significant advantage: it can be painted in countless colour tones, thus rendering each product even more unique and perfectly suited to its surroundings. 

All our creations made from black locust wood are handmade, thus rendering them unique and inimitable, and each piece even reflects the specific characteristics of the wood from which it was formed.

Each structure is manufactured in full compliance with the current standards (EN 1176) and comes complete with a special label summarizing its main characteristics. 


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