Our premise

Since over 40 years we have been present on the field of playgrounds equipment and urban furniture with a complete service of consultancy, design, production and installation.

We offer to private companies and public administrations all the products needed to create playgrounds and ludic environments in public and private areas.

We also furnish with our urban design products parks, squares, streets and entire cities.

Our equipment ranges from classic games for parks such as swings, spring games, slides to more complex, modern, inclusive and innovative play facilities.

Among our products you can find solutions produced with sustainable materials, such as our special range Country Robinia and exclusive products with an unique and attractive line designed by the greatest Italian architects in our new range of urban design Modo conceived with a special eye on the inclusive play.

Our products are conceived to be always innovative, with stable solutions and the purpose to last through the years.

Our choice of materials is based on quality. This leads to a significant advantage both in economic and image terms: those who buy from Holzhof can count on products that will remain solid and resistant!




History and philosophy

Holzhof srl is a leading company in the production of structures for playgrounds and urban furniture.
Holzhof srl has carried out several projects for both the public and private sectors: with over 40 years of experience, it can offer its customers a full consultancy, planning and production service.
Our mission
We offer the public and private sectors a full range of products for the creation of children’s playgrounds, both in public and private areas, as well as accessories for the furnishing of squares, roads and even entire cities. We can always offer innovative proposals, with solutions that are stable and destined to last over time.
Our reliability
We have been UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certified since 1997 and, in keeping with our business philosophy, we undertake each day to act positively to protect the environment and thus to preserve nature, the common heritage of all humanity. We have also for these reasons signed up to the international environment standard UNI EN ISO 14001.
We work with respect for the environment
The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) are two certification programmes used to trace the origin of the lumber that we work: they guarantee that it originates from forests managed in a way that respects environmental and social considerations.
We work in respect of safety issues
Our games respect all the safety parameters established by the UNI EN 1176 standards.
The health of its staff and the safety of the workplace are guaranteed by certification according to the UNI ISO 45001 standards.
We are focused on quality
The working and treatment of the various materials guarantee the use of the finished product for many years at maximum quality. The protection of the wood is in particular vital for its longevity, especially in harsh climatic conditions, and for this reason all of the lumber we use is subjected to vacuum pressure impregnation in an autoclave. The quality of the raw materials, the high technical level of the working processes and the stability of the components used help limit any damage resulting from vandalism.
Our leading-edge production systems ensure precision, efficiency and safety during operation, thus providing the best preconditions for maximum quality. Following final checking, every Holzhof product receives the mark of recognition that we are promoting in line with our business philosophy:
Lasting success is only guaranteed if we are all fully committed to the manufacture of our own products, whatever they may be.
For all of these reasons, Holzhof creations have always been a byword for high quality, produced with respect for the environment and designed to last for years: they satisfy the requirements of customers who recognise that our reliability is the main guarantee of our brand.


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