Structure Castle Holzhof xr400 composed of:


- struts made of robinia pseudoacacia wood

- parapets and infills of robinia wood planking

- platforms and walkways of robinia wood

- large square-based tower 200x200 cm. with

intermediate climbing platforms, four-pitch roof,

shaped windows and mullioned windows with

protective netting. Maximum platform height 400


- hexagonal tower with roof.

- step stairs h.144

- aluminium slide with pe sides h.144

- spiral tube slide h.400

- climbing walls with holds

- drawbridge in robinia planking (fixed to the


- pole on platform h.144

- upper flags in robinia wood

- the "holzhof castle" panel and coat of arms can be


- elements painted with water-based, non-toxic and

environmentally friendly colours

- galvanised hardware kit

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