Tailored Playgrounds

An appealing blend of modernity and experience at the service of the most creative ideas Thanks to the skilful blend of the creative ability of our designers and the technical skills of our engineering team - who work closely together on a... more


The appearance of playgrounds within the urban landscape has become a precious and essential part of contemporary urban planning. With Holzhof Fantasy we wanted to design something totally new which could realize in the real world what children... more

Themed structures

Shall we board the pirate ship? No, let’s take to the skies in a helicopter! No, wait, let’s dive down to the depths of the sea in the submarine fitted with interactive decorations. Holzhof’s themed structures can take children... more


For a burst of energy and the joy of innovation, our new Smart line promise fun and cheer. more

Country robinia

Holzhof has, for years, specialised in the creation of a complete line of products made from black locust wood, namely the Country range, which includes spring riders, playhouses, see-saws and swings as well as more complex towers and... more

Combined structures

The combined play systems lines make them one of our best sellers. Part of their success is surely due to the fact that they come in unbelievably many different versions, and with a very large range of components and accessories, offering ever... more

Tot houses and Lodge Line

Play areas are lots of fun, but it is also nice when they have a place to take a little break, too. Playhouses are the ideal setting for calmer activities in a social circle, such as telling stories, role-playing and sharing secrets. Different... more


The El Dorado of games is now at hand. With the product series of the same name, Holzhof has expanded the product range to include play equipment which is aimed at a mixed audience, because not only children but teenagers to are on the lookout for... more

Net toys

Don’t just hang about! Our net games require skill and exertion if you want to make a good impression in front of your friends. Our wide assortment of net games includes net towers, combined play equipment with climbing walls and slides as... more

Tunnel slides

The tunnel slides made of recyclable polyethylene can be integrated in our towers or launching ramps and thanks to their closed form and the required safety matting, they offer the expected safety and guarantee a lot of fun! more

Slide toys

Moving steadily towards independence: These playground classics are of great pedagogical value, helping little ones to know themselves better, understand their limitations, and gradually expand these. To start off, Mum and Dad are still needed for... more


Swings are one of the most popular pieces of play equipment around the world. They give children unparalleled emotional thrills and significantly impact the development of their personalities. Step-by-step they accompany children as they move... more

Climbing frames

It is well-known that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body; in order to keep both body and mind healthy, a lot of movement is required. Climbing frames are a good way of keeping children fit. They provide for a varied range of movements and... more



Inclusive play

When we talk about inclusiveness we mean exactly this: games that allow all children to be together equally and to fully enjoy the fun. more

Spring riders

Spring riders are a firm favourite in all playgrounds and occupy a  special place in the hearts of smaller children in particular. Figures of animals or, more commonly, vehicles transform little people into the knights or princesses of the... more

Water and sand

Is there anything better for children than to grasp and come to grips with nature with their very own hands? Sand and water are popular elements in natural playmaking. With the help of these two elements, little ones can let their imaginations run... more

Static toys

Counting, logical thinking, or taking on the role of shopkeeper or cinema ticket seller; the fun activities associated with our static equipment are fascinating and encourage quieter and more relaxed interaction between children. Going to the... more


Round and round, at ever higher speeds: the roundabout is also ideal for establishing the first social contacts because, depending on the model, it can accommodate up to 8 children at the same time, also promoting inclusive play thanks to a... more



Sporting structures

Keeping in shape is an increasingly widespread need for all age groups, and people have finally rediscovered the joy of doing this outdoors, using structures especially created for muscular awakening and toning, installed in parks - the green... more

Holzhof Basic Fitness

Equipment for outdoor exercise and outdoor fitness with an essential design, which guarantee maximum satisfaction in the quality / price ratio. Specific INCLUSIVE models available on request.   more


Discover the Bodys Outdoor Gym catalogs by clicking here   Equipment for recreational outdoor exercise with a modern design, with unique colors, which guarantee the highest production quality and total safety of the devices.... more

Spare parts & accessoires


Safety matting

At Holzhof, safety matting comes in all shapes and colours. To start off with, we offer our customers Playlastic, a cast flooring made of colourful rubber granulate, which can be easily laid on permeable tarmac or cement floors, and rubber... more
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