The appearance of playgrounds within the urban landscape has become a precious and essential part of contemporary urban planning. With Holzhof Fantasy we wanted to design something totally new which could
realize in the real world what children (but not only them) has always been dreaming about in their fantasies. We decided then to widen our concept of playground introducing our desire to invite everyone – children, youngsters
and adults – to move around and meet in a truly special place, positively influencing both landscape and social aggregation in a particular community area.

Thanks to the combination of selected materials such as aluminium, recycled polyethylene, thermo-wood and robinia-wood, each game also complies with the Italian acronym “CAM” standards (minimum environmental criteria). These
criteria have to be considered as a European protocol (that Italy has already officially adopted) to accomplish in order to be entitled to take part in public tenders regarding the construction of playground areas, and which will shortly
have to be embraced also by the other member countries of the UE. All facilities are also realized in compliance with the European regulations for safety in playground areas

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